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NEOREST: The right blend of ‘luxury’ and ‘technology’ for ultimate toilet comfort & hygiene.

Aug 8, 2022

Selecting the right interiors for your house is crucial, as every space has its own mood. Generally, bath spaces are given less attention or low priority from the design and functional point of view. However, it should be the other way round! A space where we spend time to refresh, relax & rejuvenate must be given importance to achieve the desired luxury and comfort along with hygiene.

TOTO with its vision of “Providing a healthy and civilized way of life” has always strived to create an enriched lifestyle and culture for all with its range of smart products.

The NEOREST collection offers an extraordinary experience with its innovative range of modern toilets. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, it helps you escape the daily stresses of life by enhancing your overall well-being with its superior comfort. An apex of craftsmanship, the collection gives flawless performance with exquisite features, imparting a thorough hygiene every day with minimum water usage.

Let’s take a look at some of the salient features of this smart toilet line-up:

Optimum hygiene and cleanliness:

Blog Aug Gif NEOREST: The right blend of ‘luxury’ and ‘technology’ for ultimate toilet comfort & hygiene.

Built to provide a clean lifestyle, the NEOREST Collection toilets set high standards of hygiene with its principle of CLEAN SYNERGY.

NEOREST comes with CEFIONTECT – an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that is coated on the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. Extremely durable, CEFIONTECT is designed for enduring beauty and cleanliness. CEFIONTECT is hydrophilic. Water spreads easily over the toilet bowl, so waste particles easily wash away. PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily.

TORNADO FLUSH not only cleans more effectively, it does so quietly, using less water. TORNADO FLUSH’s dynamic water jet discharges from near the front of the toilet bowl, travels in a narrow channel along a hairpin curve, and with sustained water pressure thoroughly cleanses the areas where waste accumulates most easily to wash the entire bowl clean. Powerful streams of water merge and swirl 360 degrees, washing every spot inside the RIMLESS toilet bowl. The RIMLESS design not only leaves no place for waste to hide, it also makes it much easier to clean the toilet.

EWATER+, suppresses the accumulation of waste on the toilet bowl and wand; Electrolyzed water reduces waste and dirt on the bowl you can’t see while the wand washes itself inside and out with EWATER+ to maintain hygienic conditions, giving a fresh, hygienic toilet ready for the next use. This thorough cleaning occurs inside the wand as well as all around the exterior. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically washes itself to ensure constant clean conditions.

Utmost Comfort and ease of use:

blog aug 2 NEOREST: The right blend of ‘luxury’ and ‘technology’ for ultimate toilet comfort & hygiene.

Comfort takes precedence with the smart toilets of NEOREST Collection. With the automatic opening of the toilet lid, as you approach it and then automatic closing once finished a thorough intimate cleaning with its self-cleaning wand, followed by AUTO FLUSH as you exit, every feature ensures that the daily vital ritual is comfortably done leaving you with refreshing experience at ease.

Additionally, user settings can also be customized on remote, based on user or washing preferences. The DEODORIZER is used for a highly-effective deodorizing function that automatically takes place inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, eliminating unwanted odors. This means any new or next user can comfortably use the toilet. Made to enhance your overall well-being, these features give you a high level of hygiene standards by prioritizing your comfort and convenience always.

Elegant Design & Visual Appearance

blog aug 3 NEOREST: The right blend of ‘luxury’ and ‘technology’ for ultimate toilet comfort & hygiene.

Elegant and lustrous, the NEOREST smart toilets light up your bath space with their distinctive form, curvaceous silhouette adds to your interiors. Exquisite from every angle, the white ceramic with its utilitarian design redefines the luxury for you. Minimalist, integrated appearance, with ergonomic design, the collection gives a sense of tranquility & freshness with its mere presence.

Step up your bath space experience with the latest in the world of smart toilets. Let luxury and technology redefine the hygiene and comfort for you with the innovative toilets of the NEOREST Collection. A future of toilet technology, NEOREST collection toilets offer greater wellness and comfort to daily life. An apt blend of ‘luxury’ and ‘technology’, its design gives unparalleled usage comfort with its easy-to-navigate smart controls.

Embrace the clean with NEOREST, to know more: NEOREST COLLECTION – TOTO India

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