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CS989VT#NW1/ TCF9768WZ#NW1
Neorest RH


– Integrated appearance of luxury and streamlined cleanliness to create a elegant and seamless design
– TORNADO FLUSH system 360° cleaning power reaches every spot using less water with high pressure from newly developed bowl
– RIMLESS Bowl Design Simply beautiful in shape with no shaded area make cleaning easier
– AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE Cleansing propels a succession of water drop lets which saturate with air increase size by 30%
– Build-in with Motion Sensor – Microwave technology
– HEATED SEAT with temperature control
– PREMIST water is sprayed inside the toilet bowl to make it difficult for dirt to adhere
– EWATER+ automatically spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect
– Build-in with Motion Sensor – Microwave technology
– Auto powerful deodorizer activates after every usage
– Adjustable warm air dryer
– EWATER+ is made from tap water by electrolyzed chloride ion without any chemicals. After use, it returns to normal water in the state of safe and environmental friendly.


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Flush System : TORNADO FLUSH
Water Use : 3.8L / 3L
Rough-in : 305 mm
Water Pressure : 0.25MPa~0.75MPa*
Power Rating : 220~240V**, 50/60Hz, 820~839W
Size : 386W x 689D x 512H mm
Material : Bowl – Ceramic
Remote Controller -Aluminium

*Recommended to Use Automatic Water Pressure Pump for minimum 2.5 Bar (0.25 MPa) Water Pressure
**Recommended to use Voltage Stabilizer 2.0 KVA to avoid Power Fluctuation.
Recommended to use soft water (Quality of water – Degree of Hardness < 50ppm> milligram/litre


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Neorest RH
Neorest RH