Neorest NX II



Integrated appearance of luxury and streamlined cleanliness to create a elegant and seamless design
Revolutionary technology, Actilight, keeps toilet clean on its own, ridding it both visible and invisible waste
Hybrid Ecology System
- Water saving dual flush 3.8 / 3L
- Minimum required water pressure only at 0.05MPa (Dynamic)
- Heat seat with temperature control
- Premist water is sprayed inside the toilet bowl to make it difficult for dirt to adhere
- ewater+ automatically spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bacteria with sanitizing effect
- Auto powerful deodorizer activates after every usage
- Auto Soft light function usable for night time usage
- Adjustable warm air dryer
- Automatically cleans the wand jet
- Wonderwave Cleansing provides comfort and eco-friendliness
- Actilight is a cutting-edge cleaning technology that includes a scientific glaze that’s fired onto the bowl and a UV light inside the lid. 
- These two features work together to generate the photocatalytic process that decomposes bacteria and waste. It keeps the toilet looking and feeling brand new.

Flush System : Tornado 3.8L/3.0L
Rough-in : 305mm
Size : 468W x 800D x 565H mm
Actilight Auto Functions Cefiontect Ewater+ Rimless Design Tornado flush Washlet Water Saving Product Design Award Reddot Design Award