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- EWATER+ spreads out and keeps toilet bowl and nozzle clean by preventing bacteria growth
- Auto lid opening and closing
- Maximized comfort function with new wide front and pulsating cleansing
- Fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions
- New auto soft light function for night time usage
- Powerful Auto deodorizer activates after every usage
- Easy to remove for cleaning
- WASHLET with remote


390W x 520D x 127H mm




D shape

Water Pressure

Power Rating



0.05 MPa (dynamic) - 0.75 MPa (static)*

220~240V** , 50/60Hz , 830W


*This is the water pressure just before entering the product.

Recommended to Use Automatic Water Pressure Pump for -0.25 MPa Water Pressure

**Recommended to use Voltage Stabilizer 1.0 or 2.0 (NEOREST only) KVA to avoid Power Fluctuation.

Recommended Water Hardness Quality ( 50ppm and TDS 300 milligram/litre )

Auto Functions deodorizer Ewater+ Warmair Drying Washlet Green Good Design Award 2018