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Aerial Shower Tower



3 types of shower variation (Overhead/ Body/ Hand)

Aerial Pulse
- Aerated water with a pulsating function
- Less water to produce a voluminous flow of water regardless of the showerhead size

Aerial Shower
- Aerated shower for water
- Full coverage shower that uses less water

Gyrostream (Body Shower)
- Shower jets with rotating and pulsating functions
- Water flows through nozzles that rotate and pulsate, massage the body and stimulate blood circulation, refreshing the whole body

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) - Thermostatic Mixing Valve
- Able to achieve and maintain ideal temperature setting
- Responds to sudden temperaturechanges instaneously and accurately
- Anti Scald protection

Size : 350W x 200D x 1320H mm
Shower : 200 mm