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  • 1. FREE service visit
  • 2. Every 10 Auto Faucets,
    1 Hand Dryer FREE

*T&C Apply. More than 10 faucets:
Maintenance visit for free (after 3 month) + Hand-dryer

Less than 10 faucets:
Maintenance visit for free (after 3 month)

WHY Sensor-based Technology?
Research & Analysis

Infections caused by remaining bacteria on faucet handle in public places

In Japan, The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's infection control manual for elderly care facilities recommends sensor-type faucets. The superiority of non-contact devices has also been confirmed in the fact-finding and model tests.


Japanese Technology | Innovation | Durability

TOTO sensor faucets incorporates three technologies for public facilities.
They work together to ensure optimum power-and water-saving performance.

Auto Funtions

Smart Sensor

The automatic faucets feature an almost invisible sensor in the spout.
It registers every hand movement precisely and is tamper-proof.


The sensor-activated system means that users don’t need to touch the faucets, reducing the risk of transmitting bacteria.

Self Power

TOTO automatic faucets no longer need power from an electrical outlet. The energy from the flowing water is used to charge a battery that powers the faucet. The faucets require practically no maintenance.


TOTO aerated technology adds air to the water enlarging each droplet.
This reduces water consumption by half from 4L to 2L per minute wihtout any loss in stream volume.

TOTO sensor based technology recommended products

  • Hands-free usage increases hygiene
  • Self-generated power saves electricity
  • Water saving
  • TOTO aerated bubble technology adds air to the water to achieve full water jet
Fiters Selected : Sensor Faucets
5 Products
  • Touchless sensing soap dispenser with more hygienic and more comfortable experience
  • Elegant and fashion electroplating metal finish
  • Easy to use with a high sensitivity
Fiters Selected : Soap / Lotion Dispensers
4 Products
  • Compact design with privacy shields
  • CeFiONtect technology: super smooth, ion barrier glazing for a clean urinal
  • Water saving effect with powerful flushing action, Integral trap
Fiters Selected : Urinals
2 Products


  • In-wall resin panels, Touchless sensing operation, AC and DC two types available


  • AC power inductive flush valve used for squatting pan to avoid cross-infection, suitable for use in public places.
  • Wall-embedded installation, reducing occupied space
  • Since it is fitted with a manual flushing button, the use of it will not be influenced by not changing the battery immediately
  • Timing function: An automatic flushing will be performed in case of no flush within 24 hours
Fiters Selected : Flusing Sensors
2 Products
  • Dry your hands with no contact or wasted paper
  • A high-speed air jet blows water droplet off the hands in an instant
  • A wide nozzle blows air that covers the entire surface area of the hands
  • A slim design for unobstructed placement, Low energy consumption
Fiters Selected : Hand Dryers
2 Products

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