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Top 5 reasons why NEOREST can be the best choice of smart WC for your home!

Feb 8, 2022

Choosing a right kind of product for the home can be a task. Not just money, it is about the experience and the difference it makes in our mundane chores.

We often get so busy and fussy while choosing the right kind of décor & furnishings for the other rooms of the house that we tend to ignore the bathroom space – the place where we start & finish our day with some of the vital rituals of our routine.

With this context, it will be apt to say that “the wellness begins with bathrooms.” And therefore, each aspect of the bathroom must be chosen with utmost importance and care.

Over the last few years, electronic WCs / bidet toilets have been trending in the Indian market. There has been a welcome shift in the demand of smart toilets over the routine preferences like, Indian / Western Seating position, and Jet Sprays.

Being one of the largest bathrooms & sanitaryware manufacturer, TOTO has the widest range of electrical toilet seats with bidets and smart toilets.

Toilets from TOTO are known for their seamless integration of luxury features, including built-in bidets and innovative self-cleaning technologies.

TOTO has always set the benchmark for smart toilets around the world. NEOREST being one of the most sought-after products in the toilet category.

So, here are five good reasons why you should consider buying an electronic / smart toilet like NEOREST!

1. Technology & wellness benefits

The end-user experience, hygiene, and eco-friendliness are of prime importance. Like every product of TOTO, the NEOREST series is produced with attention to fine details that bring out the best in every feature being offered.

Most NEOREST models include—among other features— Adjustable Bidet Position with Spray Patterns and Three Wash Modes, WARM AIR DRYING, HEATED SEAT, AUTO OPEN / CLOSE LID and DEODERIZER and innovative cleaning technologies like EWATER+ and TORNADO FLUSH.

Additionally, each of these compact, one-piece toilets has a skirted design for a more seamless, sophisticated silhouette. The main differences between the models are the overall look and, some cleaning technologies like ACTILIGHT.

Screenshot 2022 01 27 at 4.08.57 PM Top 5 reasons why NEOREST can be the best choice of smart WC for your home!

2. Most premium product

In a survey conducted by TOTO India team, more than 60 % of the existing NEOREST customers chose NEOREST because it is a most premium product.

NEOREST is considered in many premium & luxury residential projects like villas, farm houses, bungalows. Additionally, it is also recommended in premium hotels, corporate offices, hospitals, wellness centers and similar.

Worldwide, over 3 million units have been sold so far, which itself indicates the popularity and reliability of the collection.

blog3 img 2 Top 5 reasons why NEOREST can be the best choice of smart WC for your home!

3. Most Award-Winning Smart Toilet Series

Time & again NEOREST product range has been evaluated and recognized by many reputed organizations such as: Energy Conservation Center, Japan, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Prime Minister’s Award: Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, Good Design Long Life Design Award and many more…

4. Most consistent operation & experience through the life cycle

From our survey last year, it was observed that, about 60 % of our premium customers have appreciated the flawless operation and the amazing experience they get when they use NEOREST. They have mentioned that there is no problem with the product and are highly satisfied with the same.

5. Exclusive Loyalty Membership Program and Benefits for Retail Customers

This Flagship collection is backed up by the excellent loyalty program benefits for existing customers. The program offers various benefits such as priority service, free maintenance visits, one year extended warranty, gift hamper & much more….

blog3 img 3 Top 5 reasons why NEOREST can be the best choice of smart WC for your home!

As we conclude the top 5 reasons, let us take a quick preview of some of the most popular NEOREST models which you can consider

blog3 img 4 Top 5 reasons why NEOREST can be the best choice of smart WC for your home!

Once you sense the comfort of well-being and cleanliness that comes with NEOREST Collection, your routine journey will transform into a soothing and refreshing one. Now that you know more about the NEOREST collection, we hope you’ll be able to find the right smart toilet, with the right features for your home.

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