Under one of our material issues, Environment, we will contribute to issues, including those targeted by Goal 6 of the SDGs - clean water and sanitation.

By protecting the environment through our business activities,
we will contribute to the SDGs.


Protect Our Limited Water Resources and Connect With the Future

As a supplier of bathroom and kitchen plumbing products, we believe we have the duty to respond to the issue of depletion of water resources, as it significantly affects the daily lives of everyone. Accordingly, we continue to promote the reduction of water consumption during product use by developing water-efficient and comfortable products and distributing them on a global scale.

Water-Saving Performance of Toilets

We have been working to reduce the amount of water needed to flush toilets and to expel and transport waste while ensuring toilets remain pleasant to use. In the current NEOREST Series, we created a toilet that uses only 3.8L of water per flush. In addition, we are striving to improve the water-conservation performance of our showers and other water faucets.


Carbon Neutrality Initiatives

The TOTO Group recognizes the impact of climate change as a business risk, and works to reduce
the emission of greenhouse gas based on the scientific grounds that are consistent with the Paris Agreement toward the realization of a carbon-neutral and sustainable society. On average, our products are used over a 20-year period, and if we look at this from the perspective of the entire life cycle this means the period of product use accounts for over 90% of our overall CO2 emissions. By actively working to reduce emissions in this stage of the life cycle, we aim to realize both comfortable and eco-friendly everyday lifestyles. In regard to the volume of CO2 emissions from our business activities, we are promoting reduction plans that take into account our long-term business growth by 2030. Under these plans, we are now actively introducing renewable energy sources on a Group-wide basis.

We agree with the international initiatives toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society and, in June 2021, we acquired certification of the Science Based Targets (SBT) initiative.

Agreed with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in May 2019

Joined the global initiative RE100 in April 2021

Acquired certification of the SBT initiative in June 2021


Aim for Sustainable Development Together with Local Communities

To develop sustainable local communities and a society that uses water effectively into the future, not only are the business activities of corporations important but the role of civic activities is also essential. To that end, we established the TOTO Water Environment Fund to support the activities that are working to preserve the global environment and create sanitary and comfortable living environments. Through this fund and other measures, we are contributing to the resolution of issues in local communities as well as their sustainable development.

Installation of water pipes in Mozambique (Bridge for Lives in Mozambique)


Global Environmental Goals

Key Indicators FY2022 (Results) FY2023 (Targets)
Total CO2 emissions from business sites
thousand tons
thousand tons
Reduction in CO2 emissions during product use*
million tons
million tons
Number of projects that help solve local issues (cumulative number from FY2018)

* Reduction effect when compared with the case where products of 2005 continue to be used.