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TOTO’s Innovative Designs Impress Yet Again

Across the globe, TOTO’s products are known for their high-end and innovative technology, as well as magnificent design. We manufacture bath space products that transform your bathroom into a remarkable, one-of-a-kind living space. Since inception, our products have impressed consumers, critics and industry dignitaries. Time and again our product designs have been recognised and awarded by various renowned award juries of the industry such as Red Dot Design Awards and iF Design Awards.

Red Dot Design is a prestigious international design award dating back to 1955. Organized by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, based in Essen, Germany, the award is given to products that persuade design experts of their good design quality when evaluated based on strict criteria, including innovation, functionality and quality.

In 2020, TOTO continued its streak of winning the Red Dot Design Awards for the 8th consecutive year by winning 6 awards. Following are TOTO’s spellbinding products which impressed the design geniuses this year.


One of TOTO’s esteemed creations, it comes with many features and functions and yet has an understated, simple low-profile design. The design makes dimensional

adjustments at the 0.1 mm level in order to pack many functional components into the smallest of spaces. NEOREST DH is also exceptionally easy to clean thanks to its extraordinarily smooth surface and the elimination of microscopic gaps.


Incorporating TOTO’s unique sensors that can see through the resin, the WASHLET has body motion sensors concealed inside the toilet seat, removing the need for a sensor window and creating a more streamlined design. WASHLET is even more compact thanks to a design that makes dimensional adjustments at the 0.1 mm level in order to pack many functional components into the smallest of spaces.

It comes equipped with many functions including warm water spray, heated seat, dryer and deodorizer, whilst maintaining a neat, understated low profile design. 


With a statement organic shape inspired by nature, the TA Series Vessel Wash Basin has a bold asymmetrical design, adding an extra twist to a relaxing and comfortable bathroom experience. TOTO’s proprietary ceramic material is used to create a vessel of exquisite thinness with crisp sharp lines. 

The TA Series Wash Basin is also available in a CLEAN MATTE finish which prevents the adhesion of dirt and ensures easy cleaning, while at the same time improving the design.


Based on the concept of “Balance,” GB Series Washbasin Faucet displays the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines that are rounded and soft, it creates the impression of well-used or well-crafted metal. 

The GB series washbasin faucets are available in three different heights (S/M/L)


Based on the design concept “Fine”, GF series washbasin faucet incorporates a cylindrical faucet body, offering an exquisitely smooth and simple design.


It offers a sense of luxury through its powerful design and exquisite relaxation through a new style of bathing. With a perfectly smooth surface inside and a hand-polished coating on its curved uninterrupted exterior, the flotation tub creates an impression of beauty reminiscent of ceramic art. It features variable pillow positions for stability to ensure the bath can be enjoyed by all. The massaging water jets in the FLOTATION TUB make for an even more relaxing experience and indirect lighting casts a gentle light around the tub to magnify its magnificence.

FLOTATION TUB is born from the “scientific study of bathing.” Its shape simulates a gravity-less, bathing position much like an astronaut in space. The technology allows the body to assume an ideal reclined position where body and mind are drawn toward a meditative state.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is an internationally renowned design award since 1953. It is held at iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover, Germany. Products whose aesthetics, functionality, and innovativeness have been strictly examined are recognized by design experts.

This year, TOTO continued its streak of winning the iF Design Awards for the 4th consecutive year by winning 2 awards. Following are products which impressed the iF Awards jury in 2020.


The angular WASHLET™ SX has an elegant, slim urea resin seat and is equipped with comfort and hygiene features TOTO is known for. Such as the heated seat, adjustable warm water spray, odour-absorbing deodoriser and PREMIST function. The SX EWATER+ also uses the cleansing EWATER+ feature to automatically clean the wand jet after each use. It also allows you to save preferred spray settings for two users on the remote control and access them at the touch of a button.


WASHLET RW is one of the Prime Editions of TOTO and has more to offer than just a slim profile. It comes equipped with many of TOTO’s well-known hygiene features such as easier-to-clean seat ring, warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodoriser and dryer. In addition, the EWATER+ feature cleans WASHLET wand jet and the toilet bowl with electrolysed water after use. Another innovation in these models is the use of a silicone-based material for WASHLET, which makes it more difficult for dirt to accumulate.