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This 16th February, TOTO welcomed the world famous architect Mr. Sou Fujimoto to give an inspiring talk on “Between Nature and Architecture”. He has a distinct architecture style and because of his signature style he was named as Architecture innovator in 2014.

“Architecture design is not only to create buildings but to reinforce element of design”- Taking this idea ahead, Mr. Fujimoto was to throw more light on his design inspiration and other influences.

Before the talk session, he had a select media interaction. He addressed the media by answering their queries.

The actual event had presence of architects from all over the nation.

During the session, Mr. Fujimoto demonstrated how he bridges the two different design approaches and the fact that sometimes architectural design does not intervene but rather respects and works with what already exists. 

He talked about his innovations, inspirations and distinct architecture style.

Mr. Fujimoto recalled his association with bathroom fixture manufacturer TOTO and the products inspired by his designs.         

This was a memorable experience for the delegates and all of them were mesmerized by Mr. Fujimoto’s vision.