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TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating

Dec 9, 2021

A shower is not merely freshening up, it is a place where you get yourself energized, start your day, or unwind after a hectic schedule. Soaking the body under drizzles of water creates the right balance of tranquillity one deserves.

TOTO brings to you the innovative, thoughtfully designed and artfully crafted shower range that creates a perfect oasis for escaping the routine. Reward yourself by creating a personal space that makes a clear and confident statement with a collection that exudes luxury, quality and design excellence.

With TOTO you can customise your bathroom spaces using various shower combination consisting of single or multimode operation. Our range represents the ultimate choice for complete shower systems with push-button controls, body sprays, convenient overhead & hand shower to ensure complete relaxation. You can also choose to set your preferred temperature, making comfort easy to attain.

Let’s look at some of the popular shower options from TOTO.

Z Selection Showers

Latest in the TOTO Shower Range, Z Selection is a thermostatic shower column with shelf that crystallizes bold design & advanced technology.

It is equipped with a shelf to enable unobtrusive storage and an overhead shower that envelops the entire body for a rich shower time.

As a vertical configuration with a compact and intuitive design blends perfectly with the most modern of spaces. The system and seamless fusion of elements simplifies your space without reducing your options.

Easy to install in the perfect position to complement your and your family’s shower needs – It is the right way to unwind, stimulate senses, and soothe built-up tension in the body.

img shower z selection 01 TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating
img shower g selection 01 TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating

G Selection Showers

G Selection is a shower range which combines hand shower & overhead shower columns. You can choose your ideal showering experience at the touch of a switch. Distinctly classic, yet attractive, equipped with our latest shower innovations to create a renewed visual and sensory experiences, this range will engage all of your senses and you can freely indulge in a state of total immersion- a shower experience you have always thought of!

It embodies the crisp simplicity, precision and amazing functionality for feeling and looking refreshed. The simple yet graceful column fuses the experience of water, design and daily rejuvenation into one package for a complete shower system that is easy to install and maintain.

Gyrostream Body Showers

If you are looking for a shower that can give you a massage while bathing, your answer is Gyrostream Body Showers. As the name suggests, Gyrostream moves water in a whole new way. Water flows through nozzles that tilt & rotate resulting in a greater and more consistent water distribution. The swirling water does not just pulsate. It actually massages your muscles & body. Kneading with a unique double axis that creates the distinctive water action.

Gyrostream provides a balanced temperature, so your body stays warmer; and effectively stimulates circulation. It is truly a mini hydrotherapy session which you can enjoy and add to your health & wellness.

gyrostream 1 TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating

Fixed Over Head Showers & Hand Showers

Head Showers TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating
Head Showers TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating

Enjoy different flow variations with state-of-the-art push-button technology, unparalleled performance and a sophisticated design that allows you to transcend the ordinary. Such user-friendly design makes it convenient for you to enjoy your bathing with comfort & leisure leaving you with a unique relaxation time.

With Gyrostream Body Showers mounted on each side, an overhead shower and a hand shower can easily be a luxurious home spa that renews completely and adds new dimensions to your shower area with natural angles. Overall, what these TOTO shower technologies have in common, is nothing but an exceptional experience!

Here are some innovative shower features available:

shower features TOTO Showers: Making Bath Time More Stimulating

Right from gentle sprinkles, sizeable flows that promise a spa-like effect to stimulating body jets- it has it all. People who love taking long showers need not have to fret about the lesser spread of water, nozzle clogging, excess water usage and leaks. The showers from TOTO are equipped with unique innovations, scientifically engineered to make bath time an act of rejuvenation, stimulation and refreshment. The perfect bath is just a choice away. A Shower from TOTO makes it an experience worthwhile.

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